Sushi Rice
Sushi rice is made from rice vinegar,sugar, and salt. Made properly it will enhance your sushi experience, and be the talk at your table.
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For 3 goh of rice
  1. Rice vinegar    4 TBS
  2. Sugar    4 TBS
  3. Salt    1.5 tsp
For 5 goh of rice
  1. Rice vinegar    7 TBS
  2. Sugar    7 TBS
  3. Salt    ​1 and 1/3 TBS
  1. Japan has a special measuring unit for rice called "goh". It's one of those small measuring cup that comes with a rice cooker sometimes. 1 goh is 180ml, or about 3/4 US cup. Your rice to water ratio is 1 to 1.2 normally. Lines in rice cookers are marked to accomplish this ratio. For sushi rice, however, you want to cook with less water for firmer rice grain. When cooking sushi rice, aim for 1 to 1 rice to water ratio. Following recipe will taste the best when rice is measured with goh and cooked with the correct water ratio.
  2. Mix the ingredients together while the rice is cooking.  It's ok if the sugar doesn't dissolve all the way.
  3. Take the hot rice out of the cooker into a bowl or a large dish (like a casserole dish)
  4. While the rice is still hot, pour the vinegar
  5. Mix the rice with cutting motion using the rice scooper while fanning with a fan.
  6. It is done once the rice is cooled off and is evenly glazed.
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